Panther's Rants

Calling all Douche Bags! The route is here!! Make sure your spray tans are over applied, teeth glowing, and hair spiked or poofed. See you tonight starting at Gibson Bar at 7PM!DBTripTicket2013

Tour De Meat – Bike to BBQ

Join us for our Bike to BBQ “Tour De Meat” ride. We will meet at Rogue Running [5th & San Marcos] at 8AM to ride [we will have several distances to chose from as well as a beginner no drop group]. While we ride our…

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin & Central Texas

We want to take a moment and thank everyone who came out to the Red Dress Run in December.  You not only exceed our expectations by the the number of people who came out for the event, you all were very generous in your donations…

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#3: Top 5 Runners’ Cliches That Are Wrong

You cramp up when you’re dehydrated.  False. Cramping up has very little to do with how much water is in your system and much more to do with how many electrolytes are in your system.  Cramps come from having too few electrolytes, the most well-known…

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#4: Top 5 Runners’ Cliches That Are Wrong

Stretching is good for you.  Maybe. As a coach, I tell athletes to “do what works for you,” when it comes to stretching.  For years, people did what is called “static” stretching, where you basically hold a stretch, without moving, for a period of 20…

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#5: Top 5 Runners’ Cliches That Are Wrong

When running downhill, just “fall forward.”  False! I usually hear this from triathlon coaches, who are, to their credit, trying to help their athletes conserve energy, after expending all of that energy on the swim and bike before getting to the run.  The fact is,…

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You’re Invited! … Red Dress Run

I want to personally invite you all to the 8th Annual Red Dress Run: Friday, December 14, 2012, at 7:00 from Jack & Adam’s Bikes on Barton Springs and S. Lamar Blvd. As Austinites you know that ,  The Decker Challenge.  The Hill of Life.  The…

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