Dash Du

DashDU2016 fbDashDU2016THE DASH DUATHLON – May 22, 2016 at Berry Springs Park, Georgetown, Texas -Start time 7AM

Duathlon returns to central Texas in 2016! After a long du draught, the Austin Duathletes are bringing back the sport and launching a new race called the Dash Du, on May 22nd at Berry Springs Park in Georgetown. The race will consist of a 5k run, followed by a 17.2-mile bike, then another 5k run. The last duathlon in this area was before 2010, and we are very happy to bring back the best sport in multisport! And, of course, the AD is in charge, so there will be great food and beer after the race. So leave your goggles at home, but bring your shoes, your bike, and an appetite for food and fun!


Registration is open:  https://eventdog.com/a/eventpage.php?eID=433