#3: Top 5 Runners’ Cliches That Are Wrong

You cramp up when you’re dehydrated.  False.

Cramping up has very little to do with how much water is in your system and much more to do with how many electrolytes are in your system.  Cramps come from having too few electrolytes, the most well-known of which are potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.  There are others, as well, that are necessary for muscle performance.

When you’re in a race and you feel a cramp coming on, DO NOT DRINK WATER!  Drink an electrolyte drink, like Gatorade, Powerade, Nuun, or any number of other electrolyte drinks out there.  Even better, take electrolyte pills, like Thermolytes, Endurolytes, or other pills, gels, or gummie-bear type things that are now available.  Older runners remember when you could only eat bananas and potatoes, but now there’s a whole smorgasbord available to the runner to get your electrolyte fix!

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