The Original Pub Run – revised and revisited

THE ORIGINAL PUB RUN – March 3, 2016 @7PM
The First Austin Duathletes Pub Run, Revised & Revisited

The Pubs
1.Lavaca Street Bar – 405 Lavaca St
2.Gourdough’s Public House – 209 W. 5th St
3.Waller Creek Public House – 603 Sabine St.
4.The Silo on 7th – 1300 E. 7th St.
5.The Side Bar – 602 E. 7th
6.Little Woodrow’s – 520 6th St
7.The Rogue Bar – 410 Pressler

The Route Options
The Kid’s K – 2.46 miles
Map: Pub Options: Lavaca St/Gourdough’s/Little Woodrow’s

The Full Monty – 5.05 milesMap:
Options: Lavaca St/Gourdough’s/Waller Creek/The Silo/The Side Bar/Little Woodrow’s

The Rules
1.You are fully responsible for yourself. NO ONE IS GONNA WIPE YR ASS. If you get drunk, get a cab or Uber. Don’t bring us down. Stay unfaded.

2.There are a myriad of watering hole options on this route. We have tried to give variety & allow for multiple itineraries depending on the distance & locations you want to hit.

Please recognize that we are not condoning your drinking at every establishment along the route. If you did, you’d be pickled…& that ain’t cool. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HIT EVERY BAR!! We are just lining up options. See Rule #1.

3. You must have the following:• ID• Shirt• $ or Credit

4. If you make a side trip, please alert someone in the group. We’ll try to wait for everyone to make it to the pub before we head to the next one…but we won’t wait forever if you decide to hit a few extra pourhouses along the way.

5. Obey all traffic rules for pedestrians. The cops are being vigilant about cracking down on jaywalking/running. See Rule #1.

Turn-by-turn Trip Tickets for both route options will be available at Rogue.